Founded over a century ago, in 1888, Lalique has endured as the ultimate symbol of French luxury. Today, the vision of the brand is to prolong the creative genius of founder René Lalique by issuing superb perfume bottles in crystal, reviving exciting and emotional jewellery designs, pushing the limits of the factory by creating decorative objects with its signature satin contrasts, carrying out major architectural projects, crafting a unique Lalique world dedicated to the home, working with renowned artists to produce limited editions in crystal and to recreate its cultural heritage.



    Founded in 1994 by Prosper and Martine Assouline, this New York-based independent luxury publisher is renowned for its highly original book concepts, which blend beautifully executed graphic design with captivating topics. Its eclectic collection comprises over 1,000 titles on subjects including architecture, art, design, fashion, gastronomy, photography and travel, all written by experts in their field.


    The Ladurée Beauty collection is inspired by eternal elegance and sophistication. It graciously fulfils our desire for beauty and furnishes a host of subconscious yearnings by affortlessly blending a love of the good life with a welcome feeling of well-being. With its candle scents, Ladurée offers you its distinctive signature, weaving a thread of emotion and delicacy,between each of its perfumes. As a creator of magic moments, Ladurée has imagined a collection of fragrances for your home, an olfactory offering full of tenderness and opulence. Ladurée’s fragrances leave the trace of unforgettable memories in their wake.



    Set in the heart of Paris, in a late 19th century building, is the world-renowned Hotel Costes – the number one Parisian destination for lovers of opulence and style. From film stars to models, trendy ‘fashionistas’ to honeymooners, Hotel Costes has rapidly become the place to stay in Paris. Costes offers a wide range of products you can buy, such as Hotel Costes musical compilations made in cooperation with DJ Stephane Pompougnac, room fragrances in 4 line, Costes perfumes. The perfume symbolize the famous Costes Hotel in Paris.